ISO 4001:1977 pdf download – Shipbuilding – Inland navigation – Raft-type life-saving apparatus

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ISO 4001:1977 pdf download – Shipbuilding – Inland navigation – Raft-type life-saving apparatus
The adoption of the operational and technical requirements for raft-type Iife-saving apparatus (see the figure) specified in this International Standard will promote the deter- mination of the basis of their Optimum design on the one hand and the establishment of a Single viewpoint in respect of providing ships with this kind of Iife-saving appliance on the other hand.
1.1 This International Standard specifies the purpose, materials and main technical requirements for rigid (non- inflatable) raft-type life-saving apparatus, which may be supplied to inland ships.
1.2 The raft-type life-saving apparatus for the inland ships subject to the provisions of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1 960’ ), should comply with the corresponding requirements of the Convention.
raft-type life-saving apparatus : A buoyant apparatus2) (other than lifeboats, liferafts, lifebuoys and lifejackets) designed to support a specified number of persons who are in the water and of such construction that it retains its shape and properties during the whole of its Service life.
The groups into which the apparatus are divided depending on the number of persons supported as weil as the materials from which they may be manufactured and the means which ensure their buoyancy are indicated in the table.
5.1 The apparatus shall be of such construction that it retains its shape and properties under various weather conditions while staying on deck as weil as in the water at an ambient air temperature ranging from – 30 “C to + 65 ‘C.
5.2 The apparatus shall be of such strength that it tan be dropped into the water from a 1 0 m height without being damaged. 5.3 The capacity of the air compartments or the volume of the materials of equivalent buoyancy within every apparatus shall provide :
a) balance on the water under all possible loading conditions;
b) support for the specified number of persons on condition that not less than 0,014 5 m3 of spare buoy- ancy of the air compartments or the equivalent volume of the filier is available for each person;
c) buoyancy when supporting all the persons at an allocation of 0,3 m of the perimeter per person.
5.4 The materials of which the apparatus casing may be manufactured shall be resistant to oil and oil products.
5.5 The total mass of an apparatus designed for manual dropping shall not exceed 158 kg.
5.6 Esch apparatus shall be fitted with a line securely becketed round the outside, and a device for mooring and towing.
5.7 The apparatus shall be effective and stable when floating either side up and under all possible loading conditions.
5.8 The surface of the apparatus shall be painted safety yellow in accordance with lSO/R 408.
5.9 The details of construction and equipment unspecified by this International Standard shall meet the national requirements.

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