ISO 8:1977 pdf download – Documentation – Presentation of periodicals

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ISO 8:1977 pdf download – Documentation – Presentation of periodicals
3.2 The title should define as precisely as possible the special field of knowledge and activity dealt with in the publication. If the title is in the form of an abbreviation, the meaning of the abbreviation should be given in full, in such a way that it cannot be confused with the actual title.
3.3 If the title has no obvious meaning, for example if it i s made up of initials or of a word in the form of initials, the subject of the publication should be clarified by a subtitle which should follow the title, while being clearly different in i ts layout.
3.4 The title should be given in the same form wherever it appears. The ti tl e should be identical on the front cover, on the first page of the text or contents page and in the index. It may be given on the spine of each part in accordance with IS0 . . . In all other cases, for example in a running title, the title may be abbreviated in accordance with the international code for the abbreviation of titles of periodicals (see ISO 4).
3.5 If a change of title is necessary it should be made at the beginning of a new volume. The former title should be given for at least a year after the change.
4.2 The title of the publication, the volume number, followed where necessary by the section or serial number, the issue number, International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) (see ISO3297)’) and the date of publication, should always be printed prominently on the front cover and at the head of the contents list of each issue.
4.3 Publication details, the name and address of the distributors, subscription rates, the price of the particular issue, the frequency of publication, all other relevant information and any changes in them should be given. This information should be grouped in the same position in every issue.
4.4 In addition to the publication details printed on the front cover and at the top of the contents page, bibliographical identification should appear on these two pages as specified in I S0 30. These details may be reproduced elsewhere if this is thought advisable.
4.5 be stated on the cover. If an issue contains the index to a volume, this should
4.6 When it is possible to print the title of a periodical on the spine of each issue, the title should be printed across or along the spine or in such a way as to be easily readable when the issue is lying flat with the front cover uppermost. In addition to the title, the number, the page numbers and the date of the issue should be shown.

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