ISO 4871:1996 pdf download – Acoustics – Declaration and verification of noise emission values of machinery and equipment

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ISO 4871:1996 pdf download – Acoustics – Declaration and verification of noise emission values of machinery and equipment
3.1 machinery and equipment: An assembly of linked parts or components with the appropriate ac- tuators, control and power circuits, etc., joined to- gether for a specific application. Also included in this definition is an assembly of machines which, in order to achieve the same end, are arranged and controlled so that they function as a whole.
3.2 family of machinery or equipment: Machinery or equipment of similar design or type, intended to perform the same functions.
3.3 batch (lot) of equipment: A number of units of machinery or equipment of the same family produced in quantity, manufactured to the same technical specifications and characterized by the same declared noise emission values. NOTE 1 series or a portion thereof. The batch may be either an entire production
3.4 operating mode: A condition in which the ma- chinery or equipment is performing its intended func- tion for the purpose of determining its noise emission values.
3.5 emission: Airborne sound radiated by a well- defined noise source (e.g. the machine under test) under specified operating and mounting conditions. NOTE 2 Emission values may be incorporated in a prod- uct label and/or product specification. The basic noise emission quantities are the sound power level of the source itself and the emission sound pressure levels at a work station and/or at other specified positions (if any) in the vi- cinity of the source.
3.6 emission sound pressure, p: The sound press- ure, at a specified position near a noise source, when the source is in operation under specified operating and mounting conditions on a reflecting plane surface, excluding the effects of background noise and of re- flections other than those from the plane or planes permitted for the purpose of the test. It is expressed in pascals.
3.12 measured noise emission value, L: The A- weighted sound power level, or the A-weighted time-averaged emission sound pressure level, or the C-weighted peak emission sound pressure level, as determined from measurements. Measured values may be determined either from a single machine or from the average of a number of machines, and are not rounded.
3.13 noise emission declaration: Information on the noise emitted by the machine, given by the manufacturer or supplier in technical documents or other literature concerning noise emission values. The noise emission declaration may take the form of ei- ther the declared single-number noise emission value or the declared dual-number noise emission value.
3.20 standard deviation of repeatability, o,: Stan- dard deviation of noise emission values obtained un- der repeatability conditions; that is the repeated application of the same noise emission measurement method on the same noise source within a short in- terval of time under the same conditions (same labo- ratory, same operator, same apparatus). NOTE 12 In this International Standard, the symbol U is used for a standard deviation of a population and the symbol s for a standard deviation of a sample.

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