ISO 91-1:1992 pdf download – Petroleum measurement tables

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ISO 91-1:1992 pdf download – Petroleum measurement tables
3.2 The tables have been published by the American Petroleum Institute under the title Manual of petro- leum measurement standards, chapter Il.7 – Vol- ume correction factors, and by the American Society for Testing and Materials, which published two of the volumes, Volumes Xl/XII, as a combined document. The complete set of tables consists of 14 volumes, and the table numbers and titles are related to the volume numbers given in annex A to this part of IS0 91. Such publications are reprinted from time to time. If corrections are included in such reprints, the API has agreed to advise IS0 of them, and an amendment will be issued to this part of IS0 91 re- ferring to the corrections and to the date of the re- print. Users should then ensure that they have the most recent reprint. No amendments or reprints have been published since the previous edition of this part of IS0 91, but corrections are listed in the following publications and the corrected values shall be used in connection with this part of IS0 91:
a) Editorial amplification of volume X – Background, development, and computer documentation;
b) Errata sheet to tables 23B and 53B;
c) The use of the petroleum measurement tables – API STD. 2540 (CH. 11. I), ASTMD 1250 and IP 200 (1980);
d) Guidelines for users of the petroleum measure- ment tables (API STD, 2540; IP 200; ANSl/ASTMD 1250).
are of primary use. They shall be used to convert from hydrometer readings of API gravity or relative density or density and volume measurements, first to obtain API gravity at 60 “F, or relative density 60/60 OF, or density at 15 “C, respectively, and then to find the volume corrected to the corresponding reference temperature. The other tables, which are reproduced in volume Xl/XII, permit accurate conversion of measurements from one system of units to another and conversions between apparent mass in air, mass and volume.
3.5 For values below the ranges in 3.4 and down to 500 kg/m3 (0.500 kg/l) at 15 “C, reference shall be made to ASTM-l P-API Petroleum measurement tab/es for light hydrocarbon liquids, in which the tables are identical with the corresponding tables in the 1953 metric edition of API 2540, ASTM D 1250 and IP 200 and referred to in lSO/R 91 :I 970. For values in terms of relative density in the equivalent range, reference shall be made to tables 33 and 34 of ASTM D 1250. The tables relating to values down to the equivalent of 500 kg/m3 are designated in annex A by reference to footnotes 3 and 4 to that annex.
3.6 Computer sub-routines in ANSI FORTRAN and the required program documentation are available for each of the tables in volumes I to IX. This docu- mentation and information on the background and development of the tables have been published in volume X entitled “Background, development, and program documentation” (see notes 2 and 3). Computer sub-routines in ANSI FORTRAN are in- cluded in volumes XIII and XIV for the tables in these volumes, but without implementation procedures. The program documentation in volume X includes implementation procedures that are the primary stan- dard. These procedures may be used to develop computer sub-routines in any computer language. Such a sub-routine that exactly follows one of the procedures (including the rounding and truncation op- erations specified) is a valid application of this part of IS0 91. No implementation procedures are included in vol- umes XIII and XIV, but a procedure for table 54D has been included in IP Petroleum Measurement Paper No. 2 as “Standard for volume correction of lubricat- ing oils” and is a valid application of this part of IS0 91. No implementation procedures or computer sub- routines have been published for the tables referred to in 3.5 that provide a completely valid application of this part of IS0 91 (see note 4).

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