AS NZS ISO 7176.8:2015 pdf download – Wheelchairs

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AS NZS ISO 7176.8:2015 pdf download – Wheelchairs
4.1 Strength requirements
When tested in accordance with Clauses 8, 9, and 10, a single wheelchair shall meet all the following requirements at the conclusion of the tests.
a) No component shall show evidence of visible cracks, be fractured, or have become detached, with the following exceptions.
1) Readjustment of postural supports is allowed after each of the tests in Clauses 8 and 9.
2) Re-tightening, readjusting, or refitting of components that are identified in the operator’s manual as operator-adjustable components is allowed at 25 % intervals during each of the multi drum, drop, and manual brake fatigue testing procedures (Clause 10). Operator adjustable components, as identified in the operator’s manual, may not be adjusted using tools unless the tools are supplied with the wheelchair. If there are operator adjustable components, fatigue test equipment may be stopped at 25 % plus or minus 5 % intervals, to determine if re-tightening, readjusting, or refitting of operator-adjustable components is required. Re- tightening, readjusting, or refitting shall then be performed, following the procedures outlined in the operator’s manual. Restart the test equipment after re-tightening, readjusting, or refitting has been performed.
3) Re-tightening, readjusting, or refitting of any other component is not allowed.
4) During the fatigue testing Clause 10), the following wear items, if they are identified in the operator’s manual, may be replaced no more than twice per item: tyres (including solid tyres), inner tubes, drive belts, castor wheel rubber. In the case of castor wheels that are a single integral part, replacement is only permitted because of wear or failure of the running surface, but not for failure of the wheel structure or other elements (e.g. bearings). No other wear items may be replaced.
5) Cracks in surface finishes, such as paint, that do not extend into the structural material do not constitute a failure.
b) No externally visible electrical cable shall be cut, abraded, or crushed. No externally visible electrical connector shall be crushed or disconnected.
c) All parts intended to move, rotate or be removable, folding or adjustable shall operate as described by the manufacturer.
d) All power-operated systems shall operate as described by the manufacturer.
e) Handgrips shall not be displaced.
f) No component or assembly of parts shall exhibit visible plastic deformation, free play, or loss of adjustment that adversely affects the function of the wheelchair.
g) The brake mechanism shall not have moved from the pre-set positions.
5.8 Multi-drum test machine, shall consist of the following.
a) Drum specifications
1) Metal horizontal parallel cylindrical drums of 250 mm +25 mm diameter, one of which is the reference drum. All drums shall be parallel to the reference drum to align with all load-bearing wheels or castors. The top surface of all drums, prior to slat installation, shall be in the same horizontal plane.
2) The distance between the drums shall be capable of being set to the same dimensions as the wheelbase of the wheelchair to be tested. If a smaller wheelchair wheelbase must be tested than can be accommodated on the specified drums (in 1 above), then smaller drums may be used. Where smaller drums are used, those drums should operate with a similar surface speed as the reference drum. Smaller drums can thus operate at higher rotational frequency, resulting in extra impact cycles on that set of wheels.
3) Every wheel that normally runs on the surface while the wheelchair is travelling at a constant speed on a level surface (running wheel) shall be supported by a drum.
4) Each drum shall have sufficient slats for each wheel to encounter a slat once each revolution of the drum. Multiple slats on the same drum shall be spaced at equal intervals around the drum. In the case of two slats, they shall be located as specified in Figure 6. Slat dimensions shall be as specified in Figure 6.

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